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Saving Yong

I am a volunteer for Love Without Boundaries. LWB’s mission is to bring hope and healing to orphaned and impoverished children in China. Please take a few minutes to read the story of this sweet 5 year old boy who is changing people’s lives all over the world!





Read about sweet Yong here!


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Support Nutrition for Orphaned Children in Mexico, Vietnam and China

Support Orphan Nutrition

Support Orphan Nutrition programs!  It doesn’t cost you anything but you get a $1 coupon for YoBaby yogurt and YoBaby will also donate $1 to Nutrition programs in Mexico, Vietnam and China.


YoBaby is improving nutrition for orphaned, fostered and adopted children…

and so can you with a few simple clicks!
Click here, print the $1.00 off coupon forYoBaby yogurt and they’ll donate $1.00 to help improve orphan nutrition!
Please note: You must PRINT the coupon for the donation to be made. Limit 1 print per person. Good for up to 3000 prints. 3000 prints = $3,000 in orphan nutrition support!

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And You Thought Frosty Was Gone….

I gotta give a shout out to my sister R who let me in on a not so secret secret. Wendy’s has continued with their Jr. Frosty promotion for 2011. Here’s how it works. You go to Wendy’s and buy something and then you pay $.99 for a key tag. Once you own this precious key tag THEN you get a FREE Jr. Frosty EVERY TIME you go to Wendy’s for the REST OF THE YEAR! Never mind that I once heard that they use lard to make those delicious frosties, it is FREE! The bonus is that for every key tag that is sold, Wendy’s donates $.25 to various charities. One of them of course being the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. Happy New Year!

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