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Cambodia Will Open Adoption Program ***ALERT*** Read below

Beginning January 1, 2013, Cambodia will open its doors to International Adoption after being closed down 4 years ago due to corruption. The United States will allow adoptions from Cambodia as well. To read more, click here.

***ALERT*** The United States has determined that it will not be able to process intercountry adoptions in Cambodia at this time, under the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-Operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (the Convention). January 2, 2013 read more here.


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Adoption Tax Credit…..What Do You Think

The New York Times ran an article that dealt with the fact that the adoption tax credit is going to expire this year and how that will affect many Americans wanting to adopt. Many people depend on this credit to replenish their savings or pay off a loan that they took out to finance their adoption. Some people think that if the adoption credit does go away, the cost of an adoption will go down. Some think that the cost will remain the same and less adoptions will take place. What do you think? Many different topics are discussed on this debate forum and I hope that you will find them interesting/helpful/informative.

Read the article here.

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Dr. Wang Shuping: How I Discovered the HIV Epidemic and What Happened to Me Afterwards

Back when the HIV epidemic broke out in China, I was totally unaware. I have been learning so much more about China as I have been volunteering for an organization called Love Without Boundaires. This blog post written by Dr. Wang, the woman who discovered HIV in donor blood samples is quite remarkable in it’s candid and direct approach to what happened during those scary years in China. Crazy enough, I think that China still does not test children (who are waiting to be adopted)¬†for Hep. C unless they show signs of it. To read this woman’s account of the HIV epidemic, click here.

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Korean Adult Adoptee Reflects on his contribution to the Korean Economy

I came across this article today. It shed yet another new light on how international adoption has effected various countries. I encourage everyone to read it as it makes you think about adoptee’s roles when it comes to how they have contrinuted to both their birth country and their home country.

Korean Times

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