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Adoption Advocacy Alert! This Boy needs a home!

******Breaking new regarding Matthew********
Here is the deal, if Matthew does not have a completed adoption by mid September 2013, he will not be able to be adopted EVER. The Chinese government rules that once a child turns 14, they are never allowed to be adopted. The orphan status will follow him around for the rest of his life. The orphan status will make it difficult for him to be accepted into a school, get a job, finding housing, live a normal life. So, to help change his life Reese’s Rainbow has added him to their organization. You can donate towards an adoption grant on his behalf which will in turn help a family who wants to adopt him afford the adoption fees. If we pull together we can help Matthew! Let’s do this! Spread the word to everyone you know and help find Matthew his family.

My heart has been captured by this young man. He lives in the Henan Province in China. He lives in an orphanage. He is 13 years old and will turn 14 in September. When he turns 14, he will age out and will no longer be able to be adopted by any family. I want to spread the word about this handsome, happy young man who would bring joy to any family, anywhere. There are several blog posts written about him. Please take a few minutes to read them and see if you might be his family. Here is one. Here is another one.  And another.  Finally, this one. The last one will require you to scroll down until you get to his post. Please share his story. Help him to find love. If you have questions and concerns about an older child adoption, read this blog post. It is helpful. I have hope that something will happen for him. 


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