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Grants Available for Waiting Children

Each of the following children have $2000 adoption grants available to them through ATWA (! Please consider making these children your own and sharing their stories with everyone you know. Let’s work together to find families for each of these children.

First we have Noah. A baby boy born 3/2012 with DS.


The second child that has received a $2000 grant is Ana. Ana is so sweet. Her DOB is 1/2011. Her special need is post op spina bifida. She has no use of her lower limbs and is incontinent. Ana is very healthy and a video is available of her if you are interested.


Our third child who has received an adoption grant of $2000 is Benjamin. Let’s get real honest here, the only reason Benjamin is waiting is because he is a boy. He is healthy! His DOB is 5/2010 and he is post op CL/CP. Bring him home!


All of these children are designated to Across the World Adoptions. You can learn more about them at http://www.atwatogether .org


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Blog Recommendation for Great Adoption News

I know that I run a blog that will keep you updated on adoption news, however this blog is updated just about every day and it is very helpful. So, instead of just sending you to a particular post, I wanted to simply recommend the whole shabang. Enjoy devouring it!

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Adoption Story



Do you have an adoption story that you want to share? As I am out and about during the day and I tell people I meet about my new website, they are very eager to share their adoption story with me. Whether they have first hand experience with adoption or they know someone who knows someone who adopted or was adopted, they are always quick to share their story. So, I thought, “hey, why not let someone share their story on my website!” Isn’t that how we all learn, from hearing other people’s stories? So, if you want to share your story with Adoption Update Readers, leave a comment and you will receive a reply within 24 hours with instructions on how to post your story! I am excited to hear from you and encourage you to pass the word on to your friends!

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Adoption Agency Review

From time to time I will provide a link to an adoption agency that I have come across through my research that I have found to be interesting and wanted to share a little information about them. However, this does not mean that I have any personal experience with them. Perhaps they have a new program or a waiting child that could use some promoting. That would be a reason why I might chose to mention them. I highly recommend that you research each agency on you own. I have provided two links below that I have found to be helpful when you want to get a general opinion of an agency from people who have had personal experience with them. The first is for the Better Business Bureau. Click here for the Better Business Bureau. The second is a website called Adoption Agency Ratings. People who have something positive or negative to say about an adoption agency often times leave comments here. Click here for that website. Hopefully this information will be helpful to you.

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Adoption Registry

Everyone knows that having a baby can be expensive. There are all kinds of baby gear that you need to buy. In addition to the cost of supplies, adoptive parents face the costs of travel and adoption fees. Often times the “waiting period” for a referral of a child can be quite lengthy. Friends and family of an adoptive parent often feel at a loss for what they can do to help encourage during this difficult time. Well, there is a website called Gotcha Gift Registry that allows adoptive parents to create a profile for their adoption journey. Friends and family can then log onto that profile and purchase or contribute towards their journey. It is exciting for the adoptive parents to see what gifts have been given specifically for their child as well as for the giver to know that their gift is truly something that both the parents and the child need. Click here to see sample registries to get a better idea of what this website has to offer.

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