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July 9, 2010

Consulate Introduces Two-Day Appointment System for Issuing Visas to Adopted children

Effective Friday, July 9, 2010, U.S. Embassy Kyiv is requiring advance appointments  for all adoption cases.  This is necessary due to the resource and technical requirements of the immigrant visa process for adoptions.  The two day appointment system covers document intake on the first business day and a full visa interview on the next business day.  The immigrant visa will be processed to conclusion on the second business day, barring unforeseen circumstances.  Also, when planning your visit to the Embassy’s Consular Section please note that no adoption processing will take place on the last Friday of the month and that in all cases, appointments are required. Additionally, the Consular Section is closed on Ukrainian and American holidays. Please click on the enclosed link to see the holiday calendar for 2010:
When you are ready to finalize your adoption and apply for an immigrant visa for your child, please e-mail us at to schedule your two day appointment.  We will schedule you for the next available time slot, and we will e-mail you back with the confirmed appointment date/time.  We schedule appointments between 10:00 a.m. and noon only. Our e-mail confirmation will contain a checklist of what documents you should bring as well as all forms you should complete.  Please prepare all documents and complete all forms in advance, but do not sign them (as signatures must be made in a consular officer’s presence.)

Document intake will occur on the first appointment day and the consular interview will take place on the next business day.  (Note that if you are scheduled to submit your documents on a Friday, you will interview the next Monday, or the next business day if that Monday is a holiday.  Also, no appointments will be scheduled on the last Friday of the month.)  We generally are able to print and return visas by close of business on the second appointment day.  However, we urge you not make final travel plans until you have a passport with a printed U.S. immigrant visa for your child in your possession.  If we encounter a technical or other problem which prevents immediate visa issuance, and you have already made firm travel plans, you may be severely inconvenienced.

Other Reminders: If one parent needs to sign the I-600 and Acknowledgement of Health Problems forms and wishes to leave Ukraine before the final interview, this service will also be available by appointment only.  Please email and we will schedule you for 1:45 p.m. on our soonest available slot and send you a confirmation e-mail that will contain both I-600 and Acknowledgement of Health Problems forms to complete (but not sign) in advance. Note: Access to the Consular Section will be strictly limited to families who have received e-mail confirmation from us for an appointment on a specific date and time.  Please do not assume you have an appointment for a specific date or time, even if you requested it in your e-mail, unless you receive confirmation of that date and time from us. We will respond to you and provide you by email with the earliest available appointment date after we receive your request.

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