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US Adoption Agencies Closing

“We see no other choice but to close our doors,” said Christian World Adoption, which had handled Kyrgyz adoptions, in an e-mail to the waiting families. The agency, based in Fletcher, N.C., said an array of factors, in Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere abroad, had boosted its costs and cut its income to the point where it would file for bankruptcy.

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Ethnic Dolls

With transracial adoption becoming such a common occurence in our world, it could be a good idea to purchase baby dolls of all races for your child, whether your child is adopted or biological. It will help them to become more accepting of themselves and others. It is also a great way to teach your child about other cultures. I have come across a website called Precious Baby Doll Company that creates and sells dolls from America, Guatemala and Russia. The Chinese and African Dolls are coming soon. They are bit pricey at $69.99, but if you can afford it, it will make a great gift for that little girl in your life. I have found some other websites that offer similar dolls, one is China Adopt Shop, their dolls are all Asian, but are priced at a comfortable $25.00 – $26.00. Another site Dolls and Gift for Adopted Children offers African, Asian, Russian and Hispanic dolls. They have a large inventory to choose from as well as price range. Finally a website selling dolls called Language Littles. They are from all over the world and actually speak a little of their native language. Click here to visit their website. Happy Shopping!

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Domestic Adoption

Adoptive Families Magazine has composed a fantastic outline that describes the adoption laws for all 50 states. The information regarding each state includes, “when after birth can consent be given, when does consent become irrevocable, what birthparent expenses may be paid, can adopters advertise to birthparents, can out-of-state residents finalize an adoption and is there a putative father registry?” This information is helpful for those considering an independent adoption or an agency adoption. The main difference between the two is that in an independent adoption, the adoptive parents work strictly with an adoption attorney instead of working with an adoption agency. So, in an independent adoption (also refered to as a private adoption) when the birthmother relinquishes her parental rights, the rights go directly to the adoptive parents. When you work with an adoption agency, the parental rights are released to the agency and they in turn consent to an adoption by the adoptive parents. The chart that Adoptive Families Magazine complied is full of information that will help both adoptive parents and birthparents understand the laws of their state.  Adoptive Families state-by-state listing

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