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October 5, 2010

The U.S. Central Authority, under the Hague Intercountry Adoption, Convention withdrew its letter of interest in the pilot program because of concerns that adoptions under the program would not meet the requirements of the Hague Convention.  Specifically, the United States is concerned that the CNA has not yet addressed and resolved vulnerabilities that led to widespread corruption and ultimately to the 2007 moratorium on intercountry adoptions.  Specifically, the United States believes that more safeguards for children should be in place before the CNA could start processing new intercountry adoptions.  In addition, the Guatemalan Government has not yet provided specific details for how adoption cases under the pilot program would be processed under Guatemala’s new adoption law.

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September 11, 2008

Lic. Elizabeth Hernandez de Larios, President of the Directive Council of the National Council on Adoption (CNA), confirms that CNA will not accept any new adoption cases at this time. The halt is to enable CNA to work on establishing guidelines to use in accrediting adoption agencies for intercountry adoptions and to focus on completing transition cases.

(All information taken from the U.S. Department of State website)

Update on Casa Quivira and Semillas de Amor Cases

February 5, 2009

Casa Quivira

According to our records, about 14 of the original 46 children at CQ still have cases pending.  For six of these cases, the Attorney General’s Office (PGN) has identified irregularities.  All six will have to be processed as abandonment cases; however, the Guatemalan government has agreed cases will be processed as transition cases and do not have to wait for the new procedures to drafted and implemented.

Semillas de Amor

The Embassy has obtained agreement from GOG officials that children whose adoptions have been completed, and who already have U.S. visas, should be allowed to leave the country.  However, both the MP and PGN must complete their investigation and processing and then the Judge must lift to order for the children to stay at Semillas.  Simply having the completed adoption and issued a visa will not automatically allow the child to leave Guatemala.  Twelve more cases were released by the MP to PGN in January.  According to the MP only five cases of the original 54 cases have irregularities; these likely will have to be processed as abandonments under Guatemala’s new laws.

Update for November 2009

CNA’s announcement of a Two-year Limited Pilot Program

On November 20, 2009 the Department of State received a letter from the Guatemalan National Council on Adoptions (CNA) – the Guatemalan Central Authority — announcing its intention to launch a limited two-year pilot program that will allow for the adoption of a small number of older children, groups of siblings, and children with special needs.  The CNA invited the Central Authorities of Hague Convention partner countries to express interest in participating in this program, in which no more than four countries will be chosen to participate among countries that express interest.  The program is designed to re-open Guatemala’s intercountry adoptions while ensuring compliance with the Hague Convention.  The CNA has so far provided little detail about how the pilot program would function.

The Department of State, after consultation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), sent an expression of interest in the pilot program  to the CNA. Although we remain deeply concerned about the history of malfeasance in intercountry adoptions from Guatemala, we responded positively because of our strong interest in assisting Guatemala to reform its adoption system.

This expression of interest on the part of the United States does not mean that new adoptions from Guatemala will start any time soon, and prospective parents should not make any plans to start new adoptions in Guatemala at this time.  Our expression of interest does not in any way signal that DOS has found Guatemala’s intercountry adoption procedures in compliance with the Hague Convention on Adoption.  There is no pilot program yet, only a statement of intent from the CNA to start one.  Although the United States has expressed interest in learning more about the proposed pilot program, we cannot commit to participating until we know more about the details of the program.  We do not know if the CNA will accept the United States as one of the participants.  We also cannot predict how the pilot program will affect grandfathered cases currently being processed by the Guatemalan government.

We will keep you updated on how the Guatemalan pilot program develops and whether the United States will be a participant.

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