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Another Boy Ready For A Home

This is Ben. Ben is on the right.

Ben lives in China in an orphanage. He has lived here his whole life. Ben has mild CP and back when he was a preschooler, the orphanage director did not think that he could ever be adopted because no one would adopt a child with CP. As a result, they never started an adoption file for him. It was not until just a few years ago that an adoption file was created for him and the possibility of him being adopted became an option. By this time, Ben had seen many of his friends be adopted and he was always left behind. Can you imagine how that must feel? Ben is now 13 years old. In July he will age out and will no longer be able to be adopted. *********The good news is that there is a $20,000 adoption grant available for Ben! $20,000!!!! *********Plus, the orphanage that he lives at is waiving the orphanage fee. This opens the door to any family who is paperwork ready! Please share Ben’s story. Get the word out. To read more from Amy Eldridge, the founder of Love Without Boundaries and her personal experience with Ben, click here. To see videos of Ben, click here.
*Please note: in the above link the adoption grant and orphanage fee is out dated. The news of the $20,000 adoption grant and $0 orphanage fee just came today. I hope that this adoption community can work together to find Ben a home.

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  1. […] A few days ago I posted about a boy named Ben who lives in China. In July he ages and will no longer be able to be adopted. He has lived in his orphanage his entire life and has a $20,000 adoption grant available for him. He is aware of this grant and he is aware that no one has come forward to call him their own. Until two days ago. He learned that he has a family who is making him their son! I just want you all to know that advocating for these kids WORKS. Don’t hesitate to pass those stories along. They change people’s lives and it is important. You can read Ben’s previous post here.  […]

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