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New Waiting Children Listed.

Last week I was assigned new children that I have the honor of advocating for and my oh my how special each of them are! Please read about these deserving children!

Meet Ryan! DOB 6/2009. He has a right anterior archanoid cyst and a weak left leg. His physical and mental development is delayed, but he is capable of learning! He can move independently, walking, jogging, up and down stairs but his movement is a little abnormal. He can do simple things like moving chairs, feeding himself, play games, dress himself, use the toilet and fold clothes. He is capable of doing so much more if he gets the attention he needs! There are three videos available of Ryan for interested families. They highlight how intelligent he is and his potential to be amazing!


Molly is a sweet and playful girl. Her DOB is 3/2004. Molly can sit, stand and walk, jump, run and go up and down stairs independently. She can make movements with teacher’s guidance. Regarding language development, she can communicate with nannies and teachers. She get’s along well with other children and likes to help others. She is able to play with toys, clap hands and dance with music, and participate in outdoor activities. Molly’s special need is mental retardation. Give her a chance. Look at her file!


Cody is ready to come home! His DOB is 12/2007. He has CHD. He is described as a very happy child. He has waited far too long. He could truly blossom with a family of his own. Cody had heart surgery on December 3, 2013. He can have simple communication with adults and likes to imitate. He can recite simple Chinese poems and can recognize some colors. He can stand, walk and jump. Since he just had surgery he has to take it slow. He likes to swing, slide and play with toys. He is friendly, likes to be with his teachers and plays well with the other children.




Olivia has a $2000 grant! Her DOB is 3/2007. She has DS. She is described as restless and brave. She likes to dance and she is able to focus on activities like stringing beads and coloring worksheets. She is a confident girl! She needs a family!



Each of these waiting children are listed with Across The World Adoptions. You can find more info about them and other waiting children at

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