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After a long hiatus I am beginning to blog again. 2013 was quite a year for my family as we brought our son home from China. We have been so blessed by his presence in our home and things are going very smoothly.  I am ready to begin to do some child advocating on this blog as well as regular adoption update material.

Every child deserves a family and I am happy to present to you these four deserving children in need of a family this year. Please take a few minutes to read about them and consider them for your family. They are all in China and they are all waiting on someone to make them their own.

Benjamin – Age 3 DOB 5/2010

Special Need – Post Op Bilateral CL/CP

He has no other health concerns other than some delayed speech due to his CL/CP surgery. What a cutie!


Ana – Age 3 DOB 1/2011

Special Need: Post-op Spina Bifida, Left Pyelectasis

She is so beautiful. She is healthy, her skin literally glows and she has the most gorgeous eyes. A video is available.


Chandler – Age 5 years old. DOB 1/2009

Special Need: Down Syndrome


Peter – Age 5 years old DOB: 6/2009

Special Need: Down Syndrome, Polydactyl of right hand, Nystagmus

Peter is said to be a little delayed compared to his peers, he is a quiet boy who gets along well with others and enjoys playing outside.


All of these children are designated to Across The World Adoptions in CA. You can find out more information about them at

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