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UNICEF in the news……again

Perhaps UNICEF’s high success is also it’s biggest enemy? UNICEF claims that International Adoption should only be a last resort. That these children are better off growing up in their birth culture.  The Washington Times has an article that states the following: “The organization’s has staked out a firm position: children must be given to birth parents, regardless of the circumstance.  In lieu of that, children should go to extended family.  Next, to his or her “community.”  Finally, domestic adoption should be explored.  Inter-country adoption is “one of a range of options” according to UNICEF and should be turned to as a last resort.  The organization goes so far as to claim that international adoption must be “subsidiary” to in-country adoption, at all costs”. The statement, “at all costs” is what speaks to me. At all costs means a slew of different environments that UNICEF is willing to place these children in above a stable environment with people that may not look like the child.

Thoughts? Click here to read the article.

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  1. I love Unicef…One organization that calls for an end to human trafficking aka adoption.

    Comment by Mara | September 5, 2011 | Reply

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