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NY Times Article on Recent Haiti Adoptions

BAXTER, Minn. — Beechestore and Rosecarline, two Haitian teenagers in the throes of puberty, were not supposed to be adopted.

At the end of last year, American authorities denied the petition of a couple here, Marc and Teresa Stroot, to adopt the brother and sister after their biological father opposed relinquishing custody.

Reluctantly, Mr. and Mrs. Stroot, a special-needs teaching assistant and a sales executive with four children of their own, decided to move on.

Then on Jan. 12, a devastating earthquake toppled Haiti’s capital and set off an international adoption bonanza in which some safeguards meant to protect children were ignored.

Leading the way was the Obama administration, which responded to the crisis, and to the pleas of prospective adoptive parents and the lawmakers assisting them, by lifting visa requirements for children in the process of being adopted by Americans.

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  1. The U.S. adoption industry has a huge vacuum, powered and fueled by our government, that sucks up as many children as possible, orphans or not it really doesn’t matter because they are all worth money.

    Once labeled an “orphan”, they are laundered to appear parent-less. With the help of a U.S. judge and a U.S. vital records’ office the erasure of their original identities (Original Birth Certificate) is completed. They are then sold for a high price & delivered to their purchasers who re-name them. A bill of sale, aka an Amended Birth Certificate, is issued and the child’s rights are extinguished.

    This selling of human via adoption has been compared to the selling of humans for slavery. Why? Because even once an adult, the sold person has NO rights to their own original identity. If this isn’t ownership, what exactly is it?

    Comment by Mara | August 10, 2010 | Reply

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