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Adult Adoptee Blog Shout Out

Being that I am a Caucasian mother of an Asian child, I try my best to stay in the loop and educate myself about what it means for my daughter to be Asian while I am not. My best resources (as of right now) come from the internet and books. I devour adult adoptees blogs and websites trying to learn as much as I can from them and their life experiences. I must admit, it can be depressing and scary at times and other times enlightening and empowering. The blog that I frequent the most is Harlow\’s Monkey. Her blog is information packed and impossible to read all at once. I admire her format and her approach to reach all members in the adoption community. So, that being said, I encourage you to check it out. I have purchased and read some of book suggestions. I am thankful to have stumbled upon her blog because it has opened my eyes to topics that I know my brain would have not thought of on its own. Another thing I appreciate are her links to other adult adoptee blogs. The more the better, right! I have copied her links below in case you interested in reading about adoption from an adult adoptee perspective. I have not read all of these yet due to lack of time, but I have plans to.

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