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Crash Course in Transracial Parenting

A friend of mine brought this to my attention. I admit, I have been out of the loop with the busy days of summer. Apparently, I am late in the game on reading this, it has been quite popular in the world of blogs. I found it to come across a bit harsh, but helpful. What do you think?

“Obtain a kid from overseas recently? Or still fantasizing about rescuing somebody’s orphan? Perhaps you are in the process of saving one of those less expensive kids from foster care?

Slow down, partner! While transracial adoption may be all the rage, most agencies still don’t provide a parenting manual for every white adopter of children of color. No matter how Rich or Famous the parent might happen to be!

But you’re in luck. Here, free of charge, is a Crash Course for transracial adoptive parents. Think of it as your guide to getting the education that you will absolutely need in order to effectively and ethically raise an adopted child of color in the United States (and possibly in comparable white settler nations, such as Canada and Australia).

The unabashed assumption and unapologetic bias behind this Crash Course is that the best teachers of adoptive parents are adult transracial adoptees who have lived through the experiment, especially those adoptees who are also adoptive parents. The second best teachers are experienced transracial adoptive parents who, even though they may not be adoptees or people of color, nevertheless have figured out how to become conscious anti-racist advocates and allies.

Allies, you ask, in what struggles? In the joint struggles against racism and on behalf of adoption reform.

Yes, friends, in order for parents to be able to take full advantage of their teachers’ offerings, new transracial APs need help cultivating the dispositions that will allow them to hear and understand information and suggestions that may be unfamiliar–even if it makes them uncomfortable.

In recognition of this unmet need, our Crash Course is guaranteed to develop the necessary dispositions, attitudes, and orientations that help transracial parents succeed.

So… buckle up. It promises to be a bumpy ride! Ready? Here we go!”

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