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Ethiopia Makes Changes to It’s Program

The United States Department of State, Intercountry Adoption Website posted the latest update to its international adoption program this week. I have copy and pasted the information below:

The Department of State reminds adoptive parents that consular officers are required by law to conduct an orphan investigation (I-604) to verify the child’s orphan status prior to the issuance of an IR-3 or IR-4 immigrant visa.  Depending on the circumstances of a case, this investigation may take up to several months to complete.  Adoptive parents should therefore carefully consider whether to file their Form I-600 Petition to Classify an Orphan as an Immediate Relative at the USCIS district office closest to their place of residence in the U.S. or at Embassy Addis Ababa, and are urged to work with their adoption service provider to confirm the status of their case before traveling to Ethiopia.

There are more than twenty U.S.- based adoption agencies authorized by the government of Ethiopia to provide adoption services that are actively referring children to American families, as well as several others whose accreditation is pending.  Americans contemplating adopting in Ethiopia should take great care in selecting an agency.  They should research different agencies, seeking the input of families who have used these agencies in the past.

Basically what this means is that there has been concern that some of the children being adopted are not legally orphans. So, extra precautions are being taken to ensure that these children being adopted are indeed orphans. It adds another level of paperwork that adoptive parents need to file, the I-604 which results in an investigation done on the child to be adopted. This extends the wait time for both the child and the adoptive family, however one cannot argue against it, being that it is in the best interest of the child.

Thanks to a fellow reader and friend for bringing this news to my attention.

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