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My daughter and I were shopping the other day and a woman walks in and we make eye contact. She immediately says to me, “is she (referring to my daughter) adopted?” Now for a split second I hesitate. I question her motive despite the fact that she appears harmless. Now, I am Caucasian and my daughter is Asian so we don’t look alike. But, there is always the possibility that my husband is Asian which could explain why my daughter looks Asian. However, that is not the case. (This one time a total stranger walked up to me and shouted, “she (referring to my daughter) is so Jon and Kate plus eight!) Do you get it? Anyway, I said, “yes, she is adopted.” The woman (who is Asian herself) enthusiastically responds, “so am I!” I was relieved. She then proceeded to share with me her adoption story. It was such a nice change for me. So many times I hear crazy comments from people who know nothing about adoption but feel it is their right to share with me their opinions on why they think children are abandoned. Why birthmothers place their babies and children for adoption and why the cost is so outrageous and so on and so on. But, on this day. This woman shared with me her positive story and it was very refreshing to hear. I cannot share her entire story on this blog because it is her story and not mine. But I can share that she feels normal. She has a healthy relationship with her parents and a healthy attitude and heart for her birthparents. After reading so much material that is out there with a lot of it being negative, it was nice to hear something positive from an adult adoptee. Whether your story is positive or negative, it is your story and I encourage you to share it with the world. You never know when it could be just what someone needed to hear.

February 3, 2010 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. “…it was so nice to hear something positive from an adult adoptee.”

    I thought I’d give you my positive from adoption, too. Since, we’re in the “rainbow” mood:

    I survived the abuse, the brutality, I’m ALIVE!!!

    Comment by Mara | February 3, 2010 | Reply

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