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Haitian Orphans Come To The United States

53 Orphans arrived in Pittsburg today to be united with their adoptive parents. In addition, hundreds of emergency Visas have been granted to children who were in the process of being adopted before the earthquake in Haiti.  Rumors of a massive airlift of homeless children are making the rounds in Florida, led by Senator Bill Nelson.  Will this “Operation Pierre Pan” take place?  That’s the main question of the day. Not since the time of Operation Babylift at the end of the Vietnam War has the idea been entertained to transport hundreds of orphans to be cared for by US families.  For now we must wait, hope, and prepare for what may come.

Info taken from Rainbow Kids Weekly Newsletter

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  1. The baby-hungry vultures are circling the poor children of Haiti…many will never see their homeland or extended families ever again. Humanitarianism? I think not.

    Comment by Mara | January 22, 2010 | Reply

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