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2010 Adoption Tax Credit

The maximum amount adoptive parents can claim for their adoption tax credit this year is $12,170. This goes for special needs and non-special needs children. 2009’s maximum amount was $12, 150. So, the increase this year was only $20.00. I think we can all guess why.

As addressed before in this earlier post, the tax credit set to expire on December 31, 2010. I urge you all to contact your congressmen and let them know how important this tax credit is to you and to your family. I did it last year and I will do it again this year. We all know that adoption is very expensive and we would like nothing more than to continue this tax credit program. It has helped thousands of families and children find each other. Follow these instructions to contact your congressmen and state reps.

To find your state Senator click here. It will take you to a drop down list of states and then to a list of your senators and finally to their home page. You can send an email to them from their home page. To find your representative click here and follow the instructions above. Good luck!!!

Information regarding the tax credit for 2010 was taken from IRS website.

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  1. could you please tell me if you can take a tax credit for international adoption that has failed.

    thank you Rhonda Layne

    Comment by Rhonda Layne | April 11, 2010 | Reply

    • In the case of international adoptions, it is my understanding that the tax credit can only be received for adoptions that have finalized. So, in your case if the adoption failed and never finalized through a court hearing, than you are not able to apply for the tax credit. Again, I am not a professional, so you would need to consult your agency, lawyer or accountant to confirm, but I am fairly certain that you are allowed to apply.

      Comment by adoptionupdate | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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