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The following article was brought to my attention and I thought I would share it with you. I have no personal experience with the agency involved, Independent Adoption Center, however my goal with this website is to bring all possible information to your attention whether it be positive or negative. The article involves an adoptive couple looking to pursue an open domestic adoption and their experience with their adoption agency of choice. I believe that the article is informative and can help other potential adoptive parents as they begin their journey of adoption by giving ideas of questions to ask, websites to research and things to look for or look out for when seeking an adoption agency. Click here to read the article. Please feel free to comment should you have your own story to share!

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  1. My wife and I also had a bad experience with IAC. As Thor said the info session was a great sales pitch. Things went well until we were matched. Once matched we did not get proof of pregnancy nor did IAC do anything else. We tried to get them to get some information for us and they were in no rush eventhough the baby was due in a month. Long story short baby came two weeks early and nothing is in place. My wife and I drive to the hospital and meet the BP’s in the birthing room. I thank God daily that they are such wonderful people. We set up our own birthing plan, and open adoption agreement. While in the hospital our BM asked for money, I felt like I was being hijacked…IAC failed to tell us that she had told them she was going to need some money. This was a huge issue in the hospital, we love our BP’s and have helped them several times since the adoption, but in the hospital not knowing them it was very uncomfortable. Our BP’s had a real tough time around two months after the baby was born, IAC never called them to see how they were doing. Once we brought OUR child home IAC agreed that if we could get our pediatrician to agree to a modified vaccine program it would be no problem. Once we gave them the schedule our pedi. agreed to, they threatend to take our child away(4 mos old). They decided not to, because it was completely against the law. Now we are looking to adopt again, through a different agency of course. I feel IAC has lost sight of the children/families and I would recommend to steer clear of them

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