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Joint Council Call To Action: Vietnam

Adoptive Families magazine announced a way that we can help Vietnam re-open their doors to intercountry adoption. Senator Mary Landreiu of Louisiana and Norm Coleman of Minnesota are sending a letter on Wednesday, January 7th to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, requesting that he continue to participate in negotiations regarding intercountry adoption. If you have an interest in helping to support this cause you can send an email to your Senator and Representative urging them to add their signature to the letter. Here is the email I received from Adoptive Families Magazine, it will give you links to contact your Senator and Reps. I encourage you to do this today, every little bit helps. The deadline is TOMORROW! 




Joint Council Call to Action: Vietnam

For the thousands of Vietnamese children living outside of a family, intercountry adoption is no longer an option. Please help the Joint Council on International Children’s Services change this by participating in their Call to Action. 

Senators Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Norm Coleman of Minnesota will be forwarding a letter to the Prime Minister of Vietnam, to encourage Vietnam’s continued participation in negotiations on intercountry adoption. The letter will express Congressional support for the continuation of intercountry adoption.

Between Monday, January 5th and Wednesday, January 7th, you can support this important initiative through the following methods.  
1. Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and ask them to sign 
the letter to the Prime Minister of Vietnam regarding the future of intercountry 
adoptions from Vietnam. Also, note that if they are interested in signing, they 
should contact Sarada Peri from Senator Landrieu’s office( by Wednesday, January 7th. For a list of 
Senators and Congressman that have signed the letter as of the time of this 
writing, please see below. You can find your Senators’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses at www.senate.govYou can find your Representatives’ phone numbers and e-mail addresses at

2. Send a notice of support (and ensure that you receive updates on this initiative)via the Joint Council website 

  • Click “Sign me up for Joint Council news.”
  • Under the communications preferences, select the drop down menu for“Newsflashes and Updates.”
  • Click “Sign me up.”
  • Fill in your information.
  • Under the comment section, type “Letter to Vietnam Prime Minister.” Joint Council will also be forwarding the names of individual who contact us toSenators Landrieu and Coleman.

The letter to the Prime Minister can only be successful with your help! If you have any

questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joint Council staff via

Please note the following Senators have already signed the letter to the Prime Minister of 
Vietnam as of 12/17/2008: 
Senator Landrieu                                                       
Senator Coleman        
Senator Johnson                                             
Senator Bill Nelson  

Senator Oberstar                                                      
Senator Akaka 

Senator Lincoln                                                         
Senator Roberts 

Senator Lautenberg                                                
Senator Murkowski 

Senator Menendez                                                  
Senator Durbin 

Senator Kerry                                                           
Senator Klobuchar 

Please note the following Representatives have already signed the letter to the PrimeMinister of Vietnam as of 12/17/2008: 
Rep. Jim Oberstar                                                
Rep. Jerry Costello 

Rep. Scott Garrett 


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