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October International Adoption News


As of 10/28/08, Columbia has re-opened their adoption program to the United States. Click below for more information from the US Department of State!


Notice: Before traveling to meet your child, make sure that all adult household members FBI fingerprints are not expired. FBI clearance is valid for 15 months. Click below for further information regarding fingerprints.

In April, new laws were established concerning prospective adoptive parents wanting to adopt from Ukraine.

  • All prospective adoptive parents must be 21 years of age
  • There cannot be more than a 45 year difference between the adoptive parents and child.
  • Unmarried foreign citizens cannot adopt from Ukraine. 

Click Below for further information:


Due to a need to safeguard their adoption system, Vietnam has closed their adoption program with the US. If you received your formal referral (matched with a child) prior to Sept. 1, 2008, your adoption will continue as planned. All waiting families will not receive a referral and their dossier is closed. Click below for more extensive information.

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